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Serenity & Light offer a number of beauty and holistic therapy training courses...

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Training Courses



Please contact me to discuss any of my treatments or training courses or to book an appointment:

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Beauty & Holistic Training Courses

Serenity & Light - Reiki Training Courses

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Serenity and Light offer a number of Beauty and Holistic Therapy Training Courses

Reiki Training Courses

Have you ever thought about attending a Reiki course to learn the healing art of Reiki for self development and personal benefit? Or even thought about becoming a Reiki practitioner?

Charlotte runs small course for groups of up to 4 people per session. The courses are scheduled on demand so please contact Charlotte to discuss dates that are suitable for you. Charlotte also run scourses on a one to one basis, if you are interested in this then please contact me to discuss.

People who wish to attend Reiki courses are attracted for many different reasons. Some people may wish to learn how to develop themselves more and to self heal by attending a Reiki 1 course, where others may wish to develop their Reiki skills and take it one step further by attending Reiki 2 and become a Reiki practitioner to be able to take on fee paying clients. You may even find that you are drawn to go on and become a Reiki master or even become a Reiki teacher. Everybody's journey is different.

  • Reiki 1 - First Degree Course (1 Day course on a Week day or Weekend, 9.30am-4.30pm) - This course is an introduction to Reiki. Experience Required: None. After this course you can treat yourself, friends and family.
  • Reiki 2 - Second Degree Course (2 Day course on a Week day or Weekend, 9.30am-3.00pm) - This is a continuation course from Reiki 1. Experience Required: Reiki 1 Certificate + 3 months experience. After this course you can take on fee paying clients.
  • Reiki Master (i) Practitioner Training (2 Day course on a Week day or Weekend, 9.30am-3.00pm) - This is for people wishing to develop their Reiki further. Experience Required: Reiki 1 & 2 certificate + 6 months experience after Reiki 2 course. After this course you can go on to become a teacher if you wish to.
  • Reiki Master (ii) Teacher Training This course follows Reiki Master (i) Practitioner Course. If you are interested in taking this course then please contact Charlotte for more details.
  • Crystal Healing Course (1 Day course) where you will learn about the healing abilities of crystals and how to incorporate them within a treatment.


Holistic & Beauty Training Courses

Charlotte also runs a Teaching school 'The School of Beauty & Holistic Therapies Ltd'

At 'The School of Beauty & Holistic Therapies' we specialise in teaching short one and two days courses in beauty & holistic therapy.  Upon completing your training day(s) you will be awarded with our Diploma which are accredited with 'Associated Beauty Therapists' (ABT).  Upon completing your course you will be able to gain full insurance with our Diploma qualification.

Our training courses are of high standard, and while completing your course you will gain hands on experience in the therapy you are learning

All our courses are suitable for either absolute beginners or qualified therapists who whish to add additional qualifications.

We offer courses in:

If you are interested in our courses then please visit our training school website: or email us on  


Holistic (Long) Courses 

Coming Soon

Due to the content and experience required within these long courses I am unable to teach these as one or two day courses.  These longer courses are VTCT courses.  Upon completing any of the courses listed below you will be awarded with a VTCT qualification.

If you are interested in the longer courses then please contact me via and I can send you more information on these.