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Serenity & Light offer a number of beauty and holistic therapy training courses...

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Training Courses



Please contact me to discuss any of my treatments or training courses or to book an appointment:

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Holistic (Long) Training Course

Serenity & Light Training Courses

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Longer Training Courses. 

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Due to the content and experience required within these long courses I am unable to teach these as one or two day courses.  These longer courses are VTCT courses and you are required to complete a number of learning hours to complete the course.  Upon completing any of the courses listed below you will be awarded with a VTCT qualification.

The way these courses work are that you attend 2 days worth of training, giving you the background information on the course you are learning along with the treatment routines.

Once you have learned the background and routine you will need to complete assignments and case studies.  During this time you will be expected to attend class on a weekly basis to complete extra guided learning hours.

Once all assignments and case studies are complete, you will be required to attend class for an extra 2 days.  During these 2 days you will complete written exams and you will also be required to carry out a number of practical assessments on clients.

Upon completing your course your work will be submitted for review and your qualification will be issued.

The Long courses I can offer are as follows:

Anatomy & Physiology
Swedish Body Massage

Please note that to complete a reflexology or Swedish body massage course you will be to qualified in Anatomy & physiology.  If you do not hold a A&P qualification you can complete one alongside your course.

If you are interested in the longer courses then please contact me via and I can send you more information on these.