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Tarot & Psychic Readings

Serenity & Light Holistic Therapies

Serenity and Light Healing Treatments Serenity and Light Tarot and Psychic Readings

Serenity and Light offer a range of holistic therapies, readings and treatments.

I am able to offer a Psychic Tarot reading service to my clients.

The reading is completed face to face or can be done over the telephone or via email.

During a face to face reading the client will shuffle a deck of tarot cards while thinking of a question. Once they feel ready they will stop shuffling the cards and split the deck.

I will then lay out a spread of cards for the client and give them a reading. While doing Tarot readings I also use my clairvoyant abilities to link in with spirit, this gives a more in depth reading for my client and any message that come through from spirit will be passed on.

These readings are to help give guidance and support to the individual who is having the reading.


Due to the Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951 we must state by law that:

“This provided service is not recognized scientifically and therefore no results can be guaranteed. And unfortunately we have to say they should be viewed as entertainment only”.

Psychic/Tarot Readings have been offered for thousands of years and many people have benefitted from them during this time.

As a Psychic / Tarot reader I fully believe in all the messages I receive and I always pass over all information given to me at the time of a reading, I feel honoured that spirit have chosen to communicate through me.

My service is given with genuine and sincere purposes, but please remember that my readings may not give you the results you are looking for, and cannot be guaranteed.

How you use the reading I give is entirely your own responsibility.

Tarot Adviser to Holby City - November 2013 (show was aired on 4th March 2014)


Full Reading : £30.00 (approx. 1 hour reading)