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Reiki Healing Treatment

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What is Reiki and what are it's benefits?

Reiki is a natural healing treatment which evolved from Japan back in the 19th Century.  Reiki is not religious, or does it go against any faiths.

Reiki is a healing technique which may help to reduce stress, clear blockages and re-balances the energy flow throughout the body. It may help you feel relaxed, healthy and revitalized.

Every living thing on this earth has universal life energy flowing through it; this energy vibration is what helps keep it alive. Throughout our everyday life we experience certain pressures; tension and stress that make us feel low having a negative effect on our energy fields.

Having regular Reiki treatments may help us overcome these problems, and may help keep illness at bay.

I have seen Charlotte on many occasions and each time she has left me feeling calm, content and free of mental anguish.  I am a lifelong anxiety sufferer and Charlotte is always my first port of call when I feel the condition is rearing its head again! I have met many people on my spiritual journey, many of whom are incredibly gifted and Charlotte is no exception.  She has a true gift to see what is happening to you internally, past and present and her warmth and kindness is a rare trait that will allow you to fully trust in her.  They don’t make them like her anymore! - RS Hertfordshire -

A Reiki practitioner acts as a channel by passing universal life energy onto their client by placing their hands on or above key points of the body.  The practitioner treats not only the body but the mind and soul during a treatment. Therefore a Reiki practitioner can treat a built up emotion that has been held within for a long period of time.

During a Treatment the practitioner is helping remove built up energy blockages within the aura filed and chakras helping the body, mind and soul to become rebalanced and bringing the body back into homeostasis, helping you feel relaxed, energised and stress free.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of healing which means that there are no restrictions to children, pregnant women, disability or illness.  This is a non invasive treatment and the client will stay fully clothed at all times.  PLEASE NOTE Reiki is not a massage!

While everybody’s experience is different a number of clients have reported back that they felt: 

  • A warm glow that flows around and through the body
  • A feeling of tingling sensation down their arms and legs
  • A feeling of heat in particular places during the treatment
  • A feeling of coolness in particular places during a treatment
  • A feeling of deep relaxation
  • Feeling at one
  • Feeling they are able to cope and stress free

After your treatment when your energy blockages have been cleared, you may feel:

  • A temporary emotional release
  • A feeling of complete happiness
  • Feeling that you can cope with life
  • Feeling clear headed able to make decisions better

Having emotional releases is completely normal; it is your body’s way of releasing all that built up energy that you have been holding within. 
The Reiki experience treats the whole body including the mind and spirit and should leave you feeling rebalanced and your quality of life enhanced.

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50 mins (including Consultation): £35.00

30 mins: £20.00