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Reflexology Foot Massage

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Serenity and Light offer a range of holistic body & massage treatments.

Reflexology is a therapy where the practitioner uses the application of pressure to specific points on the foot. All areas of the foot are linked to various parts of the body due to zone therapy.

A reflexologist uses finger and thumb techniques (a system of foot massage) to the foot area which may disclose and release blockages to any problem areas within the body to allow the free flow of energy to circulate the body, allowing the body to become re-balanced.

Reflexology may help reduce stress levels and induces deep relaxation; it may also help the body heal itself.

Every client is different and all have different concerns. Therefore each client may feel different after each treatment.  Many of my reflexology client’s feedback after their treatment has been that they "feel very relaxed" which in turn may help them deal with their stress levels better. Many of my client's have also reported that after having a treatment they felt that they have slept better. This treatment is suitable for all ages.

I had a course of reflexology treatments and I found it very relaxing, it helped with headaches I was getting over the eyes & knots in my body when feeling stressed. I had both treatments on my feet and hands, Charlotte was able to pinpoint the areas that needed attention and I felt very relaxed at the end of each session.
- Felicity Taylor -

I have also treated a number of pregnant women with reflexology during their pregnancy and leading up to and sometimes past their due date. 

When women become pregnant their body has to cope with many changes to accommodate the growing baby.  This can affect the emotional, hormonal and psychological balance of the body.  Reflexology is a great treatment which can help support mother to be during her pregnancy by helping rebalance the hormones, and deal with the new aches and pains and the changes within the body.

Having regular treatments during pregnancy can have a great impact on the body and stress levels.  Research has shown that regular treatments can shorten labour.

Charlotte came to my house in the last few weeks of my pregnancy for reflexology sessions.  These were incredibly helpful as they relaxed me, gave me more energy and I slept better as a result.  Once I reached due date Charlotte amended her approach in the session; I went into labour later that evening and our baby girl was born the next morning!  I had a final session a week later, just to realign all my hormones and help with the recovery.  Overall I would highly recommend Charlotte for a course of reflexology sessions to help in pregnancy! - Ronell Koch -


50 mins (including Consultation): £35.00