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Crystal Reiki Healing Treatment

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Serenity and Light offer a range of holistic body & massage treatments.

A Crystal Reiki combines a Reiki treatment with the use of Crystals.

A Reiki treatment is given in the normal way by the Reiki practitioner passing Reiki onto the client by placing hands on or above the body, during a crystal Reiki treatment the crystals are placed on Chakra points or on blocked areas of the body. The Reiki practitioner then placed their hands over the crystals to focus more energy on the blocked area. So the client will get additional healing in the blocked area and will feel a greater benefit..

Crystals hold their own vibrational healing energy as they are created in the earth. This is why crystals are great to use during a treatment.

The crystals are used to help draw off and focus extra healing energy to a particular area on the client's body while a treatment is taking place.

After the treatment has taken place one of the crystals used in the session will be offered to the client as a gift. As this crystal has been used during the treatment it will hold the Reiki energy so the client will feel the benefit from the crystal long after the treatment is over.

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50 mins (including Consultation): £40.00

30 mins: £25.00