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Spray Tanning

Serenity & Light Beauty Treatments

Serenity and Light Beauty Treatments Serenity and Light Beauty Treatments

Serenity and Light offer spray tanning treatments in Hertfordshire.

Spray tanning can achieve that beautiful brown bronze skin tone without exposure to the sun.

Having a good supply of sunshine boost our Serotonin levels which is our body's happy hormone.  But having too much sun is damaging to the skin.

Spray tans are becoming very popular in this day and age.  After having your spray tan you are left with a flawless sun kissed, healthy looking all over tan with the added benefit of not damaging your skin.

The tan product I use can last you up to 10 Days without going patchy; it just fades away like a natural tan does.

Before your appointment it is important that you carry out the following steps:

  • Wax, shave and exfoliate up to 8 hours before your appointment. 
  • On the morning of your appointment do not apply creams or oils to your skin
  • Do not wear makeup
  • Do not use deodorant
  • Bring loose clothing with you to wear after your tan

After your appointment you will have an instant glowing tan, but please be aware that the tan solutions carries on developing up to 6-8 hours after application.  After this time you will see the true colour of your tan.


Spray Tanning: £25.00