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Serenity & Light offer a range of beauty treatments including manicures, pedicures, hair removal & eye care...

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Please contact me to discuss any of my treatments or training courses or to book an appointment:

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Manicures, Nails & Hand Treatments

Serenity & Light Beauty Treatments

Serenity and Light Manicures and Pedicures Serenity and Light Beauty Treatments

Serenity and Light offer a range of manicures, pedicures, hair removal and eye treatments in Borehamwood.

Treat yourself to a professional Manicure, or Gel Manicure that leaves your hands smooth, healthy and well groomed for that special date or occasion.

Sit back and relax while I rejuvenate your hands.

I love having my nails looking neat and eye catching but with my lifestyle it’s hard to keep them that way.  With 2 small children (constantly washing hands), not having a dishwasher and a tendency to do DIY and gardening without gloves my nails get used and abused 24/7/365.
Charlotte has manicured, painted and applied Gel to my nails and I have been astounded as to the durability of her work.  If polish / Gel can withstand my lifestyle then it must be amazing. I would 100% recommend manicure, Gels or pedicures with Charlotte.  Her work is second to none - Kelly Lowen -

Manicure Costs:

Maintenance Manicure (45 min - 60 min): £18.00
This includes hand cleanse, hand exfoliation, moisturise and hand massage, cuticle work, file and colour.

French Manicure  (45 min - 60 min): £20.00
This includes hand cleanse, hand exfoliation, moisturise and hand massage, cuticle work, file and colour.

Spa Manicure (60 min - 75 min): £25
As maintenance manicure with the addition of paraffin wax treatment.

Shape & Paint  (20 min - 25 min): £10.00
This includes shaping of the nails, base coat, colour and top coat.

Gel Nails Manicure (60 min): £25
For Clients who want their polish to last. A gel product is applied and cured under a LED light. Last up to 3 weeks, non-chip and high shine. Includes cuticle work and cuticle oil. (When having gels reapplied the soak off is free)

Gel French Manicure: £28

Gel Single Nail Repair: £2.50

Hard Gel Manicure: (90 min): £30
For Clients who's nails are weak and break often.  Hard gel is applied with a brush and cured in a LED light.  This clear gel is tough and durable for those soft and weak nails, adding extra strength to the nail plate.  Once the hard gel application is complete normal colour gel is applied on top to give you a beautiful finish to the nails. (after 3 weeks you would come for infill's.  A new set is applied  every 6 months)

Hard Gel Manicure with Tip extensions: £35

Soak off (10 - 20 min): £10.00