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Billion Dollar Brows

Serenity & Light Beauty Treatments

Serenity and Light Beauty Treatments Serenity and Light Beauty Treaments

Serenity and Light offers you Billion Dollar Brow treatment.

Our brows frame our face.  Un-kept brows gives an untidy appearance to our face.  Brows that are shaped correctly gives balance to the facial features and enhance the eyes. 

Are you ready for brow envy?

Billion Dollar Brows is a system which gives you brow perfection!  Beautiful brows are a right not a privilege!

The 'BDB' system helps you achieve your perfect brow, using a tool called the brow buddy.  Using this tool measures your brows and allows to reshape them to your facial symmetry, leaving you with the prefect brow.

During a treatment your brow artist will :

  • Tint your brows
  • Measure your brows to the shape of your face
  • Precision shaping using wax and tweezers 
  • Apply brow makeup to enhance your perfect brow

Your artist will also advise you on what brow colour and product will suit your brows, and will show you how to apply brow makeup.

Your first treatment will take 45 min - 1hr including consultation.  Each treatment thereafter will take around 30-45 min. 

My brows were un-kept and very untidy.  I went to see Charlotte and she transformed my brows from a mess to perfection!  After the treatment my brows had a lovely shape and the colour tint and make-up that was used made them look enhanced but natural.  I am very sensitive to waxing, so Charlotte just used the tweezers to shape my brows. I would highly recommend the BDB treatment with Charlotte.  - Sonia Taylor -

PLEASE NOTE: A patch test should be completed up to 24 hours prior to your BDB appointment. 


BDB Treatment: £25.00


You will be able to purchase BDB makeup from your brow artist, this will help you achieve those perfect brows everyday.